Man in dispute with Art Friend employee after insisting on buying not-for-sale item

Submitted by Stomper Melissa

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A male customer got into a dispute with a staff member at Art Friend's Plaza Singapura outlet on Thursday night (May 3), at close to 8pm.

Stomper Melissa took a video of the incident, which she said started when the customer wanted to purchase several cardboard-like pieces from the art supply store.

However, the items were labelled "For shop use only" and were not for sale.

Melissa said: "The items were in a no-access section of the store but I think the customer tried to remove them."

According to Melissa, the customer had offered to pay for the items anyway and refused to accept the employee's explanation on why the items could not be sold to him.

She added: "The employee explained that the items had no barcode and were not in the system, so they were not priced and he couldn't just sell it to the customer like that. He was following policies and regulations.

"However, the customer thinks he's very 'big'. He wanted to take the employee's photo and declined going to mall security with him.

"The customer only stopped trying to take the employee's photo when the latter offered to give the GM's number."

Describing the customer's actions as "shameful" and "seriously terrible", Melissa said she later saw the man outside the store and trying to call the GM's number.

The Stomper then left the scene and it is unclear what happened after that.

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