Man in China rains blows on toddler while she pleads, "Dad, stop beating me!"

A frightened toddler in Guangxi, China, is seen crying hysterically for a man to stop as he continuously assaulted her in bed.

In a video that went viral on the Internet, a small child, who was dressed only in her underwear, is seen pleading in Mandarin for the man to stop, while he pummelled her mercilessly. 

"Dad, stop beating me," she is heard screaming.

The impact of the blows can also be heard as the man punched her back several times.

When the toddler tried standing up in an attempt to stop the man from hitting her, he grabbed her by the wrists and threw her back down on the bed.

He then continues his assault by strangling her neck multiple times while slamming her head against the bed.

The girl's face can also be seen becoming red after being slapped several times by the man.

In the midst of punches and slaps, the man even asked her if it is "comfortable".

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According to The Star, the incident reportedly happened on July 21.

In a fit of drunken rage, the 26-year-old man recorded the abuse and sent it to his ex-wife, reports Chinese media.

He had also brought his daughter to Jingxi, a city in China, to look for her.

The man, who returned to the hotel at night after drinking, started hitting his daughter when he saw her crying in bed.

He has since been detained for abuse by the Guangxi Public Security Bureau.