Man in China gains 10kg to help father lose weight

A 32-year-old man in China gained 10kg on purpose so that he could motivate his father to lose weight.

Ding Guoliang went to such extremes because his father, Ding Youwang, 53, had put on weight after his business failed.

Within a period of six months, from March to September 2017, Guoliang lost the 10kg he had gained and his father lost more than 20kg.

Guoliang's father's weight had ballooned to more than 80kg after he had become addicted to drinking following the failure of his bamboo product business.

Jobless and depressed, he stayed at home all day, reading online novels and not exercising at all, reports China Daily.

"I thought my dad was only 53, his life should not be like this," said Guoliang who is a photographer.

He invited his father to stay with him in Xiamen, Fujian so that they could start a weight-losing journey together.

At first, the older Mr Ding showed little interest in losing weight but his son persisted and got his father to start brisk walking with him.

This then went on to jogging.

"He joined a local fast-walk (group) and made many friends. Then I suggested that he try gym (workouts) to get some muscle training and he seemed interested," said Guoliang.

During the process, Youwang's health, both physically and psychologically, improved.

After six months, he had gained six-pack abs.

Encouraged by their efforts, Guoliang's mother and wife also began exercising.

Photos of their weight loss journey have inspired many online.

Check them out in the gallery above.