Man in China brutally beaten up by thugs after wife leaves bad restaurant review online

A man in Changsha, China, was badly beaten up by thugs after his wife left a bad online review for a restaurant.

According to Shanghaiist, the incident took place after the man's wife invited some friends over to her Mahjong parlour on Sep 12.

She had ordered some barbecued food online for the gathering. The woman and her friends, however, were unsatisfied with its quality, saying that it did not taste good or fresh.

The next day, she left a negative review of the restaurant on the food delivery website that she used. The woman reportedly stated that she had never tasted barbecued meat that was so bad.

She later received a call asking if she was the one who made the review. She acknowledged that she was indeed the author, but was not asked to take her post down.

Hours after her call, around eight armed men barged into her Mahjong parlour with clubs and started questioning and threatening her.

Her husband heard the commotion and confronted the thugs.

He was then brutally beaten up. Items were smashed over his head by the men.

The assailants subsequently left the scene before police arrived and the man was conveyed to hospital.

Doctors said that he sustained severe brain injuries and placed him in the intensive care unit. He is now reportedly in a stable condition.

Police later questioned the owner of the restaurant over what happened. He then admitted to sending the thugs to confront the woman.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.