Man hurls vulgarities at worker at Yishun void deck

Submitted by Stomper D

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Stomper D came across a man hurling vulgarities at another man at the void deck of Block 646, Yishun Street 61 on Friday (Dec 15) at around 2pm. 

She took a video of the dispute, as the man in white continued his verbal abuse on the other man in blue, and sent the footage to Stomp. 

In the video, the man in white also forcefully threw something into a white bucket placed in front of the other man. 

According to D, the two looked like they were fixing a bench, as there was a toolbox on the ground nearby.

Said D:

“The other guy looked like a foreign worker, and the man was scolding him because he didn’t have the screws they needed to repair the bench.

“It’s my first time seeing this and I feel injustice for the worker. 

“Maybe he did forget something, but there was no need to verbally abuse him.

“The other man abused his authority and scolded the worker too harshly.

“He should not have used vulgarities.”