Man hurls vulgarities after refusing to take the same lift as another guy

Submitted by Stomper Christopher

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A man, who refused to take the same elevator as another man, called the latter names such as "smelly" and "dirty".

Stomper Christopher alerted Stomp to a circulated video of the incident.

In the video, a man in a blue shirt is seen gesturing to another person to go out, saying that he was "f****** dirty". 

It is unclear when and where it happened.

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The other man then responded by saying that he only wanted to go to the MRT station, while the man in blue repeatedly told him to "get out" and to "f*** off".

The man in blue, who wouldn't let go of the elevator button, is seen gesturing with his leg while saying: "I don't like to take with you, f*** off."

The other man then reiterated that he just wanted to go to the MRT station, before a third person intervened.

The man in blue then said to the third person in Mandarin: "I don't want to take the same lift as him.

"Ask him to go out, he's so dirty and smelly."

The man in blue finally left after that, but not before saying "you f*** off" to the other man one last time.

Christopher, who shared the video with Stomp, said: "This kind of people should not be tolerated."