Man has been 'crying every day' since losing his keys and phone containing photos of his dead mother

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A man has been distraught since losing his phone and keys in May.

Stomper Ben, 47, told Stomp that he lost his gold Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro and house keys on May 22.

He made a police report but has not yet managed to retrieve his items.

"I have been crying and feeling sad every day since I lost my two items," he said.

"I am hoping a good, kind and honest person will find my items and return them to the nearest police station so that they can be returned to me."

He told Stomp he had bought his phone from Lucky Plaza in April 2019.

"It is a 2018 model which means it is a four-year-old phone," he said.

"It is not worth much so if anyone sells it at a phone shop, the person will probably only get $10 for it.

"It cost me $145 when I bought it.

"Please help me to get back my phone, it is precious to me.

"It has photos of my friends and also photos of my dead mother, who passed away in May 2021.

"Photos of my mother were taken after she passed away.

"There are photos of my mother inside the coffin, photos of the coffin inside the hearse, and photos of my mother at the columbarium before the coffin is sent inside the furnace or crematorium."

The Stomper added that he has deactivated all the apps on his phone and emailed bus companies and taxi companies

The phone's IMEI number is 351902102155142.

"My phone's IMEI number has been blacklisted so if anyone tries to sell it, the shopkeeper will know it's a stolen phone.

"I hope people will realise it will be better to return my items to me."

If you have found Ben's phone and keys, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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