Man grooms dog at The Grandstand carpark and leaves fur all over ground

Submitted by Stomper F

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A passer-by was irked to see a man grooming his dog in a public carpark and leaving its fur strewn all over the ground, but failing to clean up after himself.

Stomper F witnessed the incident that occurred at the open-air carpark of The Grandstand on Tuesday (Sep 14), at around 6.25pm.

She said: "This guy was shedding his big dog and littering the floor with his dog's fur. He saw me taking photos but still carried on.

"The fur was shed all over the floor, but he did not even pick it up after he was done and just walked away, got into his car and drove off, leaving a mess behind.

"This is an amazingly audacious act in Singapore. The guy has no sense of responsibility or civic duty, and is totally self-centered."