Man grabs display laptop and walks out of gaming store in less than 30 seconds

A man was caught on camera taking a laptop that was on display at a gaming store in Marina Square on Dec 1.

The store, Gameprosg, posted the surveillance footage on their Facebook page, urging netizens to identify and find the man.

In the caption, the store wrote:

"He was with a friend wearing white. Approximately 1.8m tall, if anyone [has] seen him, [please] PM us. [Please} share this as we try to achieve to catch him."

In the video, the man wearing a black T-shirt walks into the store with a plastic bag.

He then stops in front of a laptop that is on display and reaches over to unplug it.

He then closes the laptop and quickly puts it in his bag and walks out of the store again, all in about 23 seconds.

When netizens asked where the store's staff were, they replied that the man had taken advantage of the moment an employee was busy serving another customer.

Watch the video below.