Man gives out $50 hongbaos to elderly cardboard collectors around Clive Street: Look at the smile on their faces!

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Stomper Sabil's friend was devastated upon finding out how little cardboard collectors earned and wanted to lift their spirits.

Hence, he went around Clive Street and gave out red packets containing $50 to any elderly cardboard collectors whom he came across.

Stomper Sabil, who accompanied him, describes the experience:

"Followed a friend around the Clive Street area as he gave out S$50 ang pows to senior cardboard collectors we met. 

"Why? He was devastated when he found out how little they earned for all the work they did and wanted to lift their spirits, even if just for a day.

"Sharing this with the hopes that more Get Inspired by such actions and bear in mind that there is always someone in need of a helping hand."