Man shot in the butt after trying to rob Datuk in broad daylight outside M'sian bank

A man was shot in the buttocks at Shah Alam, Malaysia, after he and an accomplice tried to rob a 58-year-old Datuk outside a bank at around 2.30pm on Jun 9.

According to The Star, the Datuk was leaving the bank after withdrawing RM200,000 (S$65,000) when the suspects tried to grab the bag of cash from him.

They approached the 58-year-old with an axe and a parang.

A struggle then ensued, and the Datuk's bodyguard fired a gun at the alleged robbers.

One of them was shot in the buttocks, while the other managed to escape.

The bodyguard sustained a slash wound and was sent to hospital. The Datuk sustained minor injuries during the scuffle.