Man filmed landlord's 10-year-old niece in shower after doing same thing to maid

Cara Wong
The Straits Times
Oct 30, 2019

Emboldened after he filmed his landlord's maid in the shower, a 25-year-old tenant went on to film the landlord's 10-year-old niece showering.

But the girl happened to look up while shampooing her hair, and she saw the voyeur's mobile phone. She later told her uncle, who called the police.

Malaysian chef Chu Vui Kian was sentenced to 12 weeks' jail on Wednesday (Oct 30) after he pleaded guilty to insulting the modesty of the girl, who cannot be named to protect her identity.

Another similar charge for filming the 28-year-old maid was taken into consideration during sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP ) Chan Yi Cheng told a district court Chu had hatched a plan to film the girl because he was "curious about how a 10-year-old girl showers".

The girl was staying over at his landlord's home as her parents were away. Chu saw her going into the bathroom at about 8pm on June 26 this year.

He then went to the service yard and filmed the girl with his phone, through the bathroom's window.

He later returned to his room, where he reviewed the 36 second-long footage which partially showed the girl's naked body.

"The accused felt that he had done something wrong, and later deleted the video," said DPP Chan.

But the girl had spotted the man's phone in the window. When she rinsed away the soap to take a better look, the phone was no longer at the window, said DPP Chan.

"The victim felt scared and she immediately finished bathing and exited the bathroom," he added.

The girl told her brother what had happened and they told their uncle - Chu's landlord- about it when he returned home.

However, when police arrived at the unit, "the accused felt scared and did not admit to his offences", said DPP Chan.

Chu subsequently admitted to his offences, following police investigations.

It also emerged that he had filmed his landlord's maid in the shower, some time in June that year.

Chu pleaded for leniency, saying he was working to support his family. He had also "sought forgiveness" from the landlord and the girl's mother.

However, District Judge Adam Nakhoda said Chu's intentions to commit the acts were clear.

"You cannot be condoned, you have to be condemned in as strong as possible terms," said the judge.

For insulting the modesty of a woman, Chu could have been fined and jailed for up to a year.

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