Man exposes couple who stole his wallet in Malaysia -- and gets it back along with 'extra fees'

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Mar 21, 2023

After a man exposed on Facebook the culprits who stole his wallet, a couple in Malaysia gave in to pressure and returned it to him. 

In a post which has since been taken down, the man said he was headed to a sushi restaurant in Setapak, KL, at about 7.15pm on Friday (March 17).   

He dropped his wallet at the carpark while getting out of his car, but did not realise it as he later made payment via Apple Pay. 

It was only two days later that he realised his wallet was missing, after he noticed multiple transactions had been made on his credit card. 

After filing a police report, he went down to the stores where the transactions were made, which he claimed were mostly Watsons outlets. 

He managed to retrieve CCTV footage from one of the stores, which revealed the identity of the culprits. 

He posted some of the images obtained on Facebook, asking anyone who knew the couple to urge them to return his wallet as "liked it very much". 

On Monday (March 20), the man made another post, sharing that his wallet was returned.

In his post, he said the couple who had stolen were pressured into returning his wallet because of “public opinion”. 

He added that he met the couple for a discussion, during which they agreed to return what they stole in addition to bearing the cost he incurred, which included petrol expenses and credit card replacement fees. 

In exchange, he took down the original Facebook post as requested. 

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