Man enraged after seeing car driven by wife's lover, crashes into vehicle -- which he's still paying for

A man rammed his vehicle into the car which his wife's lover was driving three times.

The incident happened on Boon Lay Way in Aug 19, 2016, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

The accused had offered to pay the vehicle loans for his estranged wife, but discovered that her lover was using it instead.

In a fit of rage, the jaded man crashed his vehicle into the car, pushing  it up the kerb. 

The jealous husband was charged yesterday morning (Jun 5) for endangering lives via a rash act and sentenced to 10 days of detention, as well as 120 hours of community service.

The 43-year-old man faced two charges, the first of which accused him of intentionally crashing his vehicle into the car the victim was driving.

The second charge was of criminal mischief, when he crashed into the back bumper of the vehicle belonging to his estranged wife, causing S$2,980 of damage. 

The couple had been married for many years and have two kids ---one 7 years old and the other 13 years old --- but are now legally separated. 

The accused has been trying to win back his wife ever since.  

When his wife told him that she could not afford the loans on her new car and appealed to him for help, he offered to help pay for it, even utilising the money for his rental in an attempt to please her. 

He also brought the vehicle for scheduled maintenance and paid for the sessions as well. 

On the day of the incident, the accused made an arrangement with his wife to bring their children out, but as he was driving pass Jurong Point Shopping Centre, he saw the victim driving his wife’s car.

He decided to tail the vehicle, but unknowingly got too close, crashing into the vehicle when he could not use the brakes in time.  

The victim then stopped his vehicle, but the accused accelerated, crashing into the right side of the victim's vehicle and sped off. 

After the victim alighted to check for the damages on his car, the accused made two U-turns before crashing into the back of the victim’s car again. 

The impact of the collision moved the car up the kerb. 

The victim stood near his vehicle and watched as the accused crashed into his vehicle the whole time. 

After the incident, the accused, feeling guilty, decided to turn himself in to the police.