Man ends up on food court floor in Woodlands Mart after fight: 2 taken to hospital, another arrested

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Everybody was Koufu fighting?

One man was arrested and two were taken to hospital after a fight at a Koufu foodcourt in Woodlands Mart on Sept 29.

A video of the fight's aftermath posted by Singapore Incidents shows overturned chairs and a man lying on the floor strewn with debris.

Another man can be seen going to help the man on the floor who was not moving.

In response to a Stomp query, police said they were alerted to a fight at Block 768 Woodlands Avenue 6 at 9.10pm.

"Two men, aged 33 and 49, were conveyed conscious to the hospital. A 51-year-old man was subsequently arrested for rash act causing hurt," said police.

Police investigations are ongoing.