Man disappointed by how small his Mac N Cheese from Popeyes is next to a stapler

Submitted by Stomper Heng

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The sight of his Mac N Cheese from Popeyes really grated on Stomper Heng's nerves.

Heng felt that the portion of Mac N Cheese was smaller than what he usually gets from the fast food restaurant and even placed it next to his stapler for comparison.

The Stomper had ordered the item for $4.90 from Popeyes Ang Mo Kio Hub via the Foodpanda app on Saturday evening (Sep 3).

Heng said: "Look at how huge my stapler is side by side.

"It's not my first time ordering Mac N Cheese from Popeyes so I know this is not the usual portion. I was shocked to receive such a small portion. It's just like the size of a Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup ice cream!

"I provided feedback, but neither Foodpanda nor Popeyes has responded.

"What a ridiculous experience."

In a separate incident earlier this year, Stomper Ginny shared a similar complaint about the 'small' chicken at Nene Chicken. She measured the food against her mobile phone and a tissue packet, both of which were larger than the fried chicken parts that she received.

Ginny said in a June article: "I gave feedback to the restaurant immediately when I got my food, but was told by staff that there is nothing they can do."

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