Man disappointed after paying $4 for curry mutton that looks nothing like photo

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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Photos can be deceiving, as one diner found out recently.

Stomper Lim said he visited Kopitiam Square in Sengkang for dinner on Wednesday evening (Nov 11) and ordered a plate of mutton curry with rice after seeing it on a stall's signboard.

It cost $4.

He was dismayed when he got his food as it looked vastly different from the signboard.

Lim told Stomp: "It cost me $4 but there was only rice with one piece of meat. Moreover, the bone was big with not much meat.

"Not only does the photo look so different from what I got, I saw other customers who had more meat and they even got potatoes.

"I asked the stall why my food was so different from the menu but they said it's like this."

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