Man detained shop theft suspect after seeing security guard shout for help at Petir Road supermarket

Mr Bahari Bin Haron was commended for his public-spiritedness in a ceremony held at Jurong Police Division on Oct 10.

He had assisted the police to detain a 32-year-old man in connection to a case of shop theft, which occurred at a supermarket located at Petir Road.

On May 18 at about 10.30am, Mr Bahari witnessed a man running away from a security guard who was shouting for help.

Without hesitation, he chased after the man and managed to detain him a distance away.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police Devrajan Bala commended Mr Bahari for his courage and civic-mindedness to assist the police to detain the suspect.

AC Devrajan said: “It is indeed heartening to see the strong partnership between the Police and the community. The vigilance and bravery displayed by Mr Bahari is indeed highly commendable”.