Man decorates entire office for National Day: 'I can't bring riches but I can bring people the stars'

Submitted by Stomper David

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Would any of you decorate your whole office by yourself for special days, like Christmas or National Day?

We know that Stomper David would. 

The 62-year-old semi-retiree previously shared with Stomp that he decorated his office for Christmas and volunteered at Tan Tock Seng Hospital to sing and perform for patients there. 

In a phone interview with Stomp, David said: "I've never done anything for National Day before, so I decided to do it this year."

He hopes that by decorating the office, he can help boost morale and instil in people a sense of belonging when they come to work.

David added: "I just want to encourage everyone to work as a team.

"I only put up decorations when everyone left the office in the evening so that they can have a surprise the next morning."

Apart from his office, David even spent time to decorate the corridor outside his flat in the west region of Singapore.

David said to Stomp: "I see old folks bring their grandchildren over to see the decorations.

"They're very happy when they come by.

"I can't make people richer or bring them to anywhere special but I can bring the stars to people with our flags and remember our National Day."