Man dashes out of store after trying on shoes, but wait till you see what happens

A sales employee's worst nightmare comes true, when a man was captured on camera dashing out of a store wearing shoes he had not paid for. 

The video posted on Nov 26 at 9.22pm on Facebook by the man in the video, Facebook user Harith Skin, has been viewed 18 million times.

The incident is believed to have taken place in Malaysia.

The caption accompanying the video cheekily said: "I had to give it a try?"

In the video, the man, in an oversized pink shirt and shorts, is seated and ready to try a new pair of shoes.

I had to give it a try? 👟🤷🏾‍♂️😂 JD Sports Malaysia give this man a raise! 💵

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Posted by Harvinth Skin on Monday, 26 November 2018

The employee helps him open the shoe box and the man puts on the shoes.

The man adjusts the shoes and looks around the area subtly.

He stands up, jogs on the spot in a circle and faces the entrance of the store before sprinting out.

When he sprints out, the employee reacts by chasing him, probably thinking that he was stealing the shoes.

A small group of people outside the store turn to look at him.

As quickly as he ran out of the store, the man runs past the employee back into the store.

He returns to where he was seated before, jumps on the spot a couple of times and sits down.

The employee puts his hand on his chest and exhales, visibly relieved that the shoes were not stolen.

 Facebook user Sarah Sarah found the prank hilarious and had watched it multiple times.

Many Facebook users commended the store employee for chasing after the man.

Facebook user Yang Raimi II was one of them.

Facebook user Stacey Sta Catalina Geronimo said she found the reaction of the store employee "cute".

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