Man dashes out in front of car, gestures angrily at driver who e-braked to avoid collision

Submitted by Stomper S

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Despite being the one to endanger lives by dashing out in front of an oncoming car, a man gestured angrily at the driver and acted like the latter was the one at fault.

Stomper S, the driver, shared a video of the incident that occurred near Woodlands Street 31, opposite Woodlands Polyclinic, at around 3.05pm on Tuesday (July 3).

S, who was shocked by the encounter, said: "This car driver SLU6845L has a death wish.

"He dashed out in front of my car and when I applied my emergency brakes and honked at him, he cursed like it wasn't his fault.

"I couldn't hear exactly what he said at first and had wanted to confront him, but decided to just drive off. When I drove past him, I heard him telling me to come down."

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S feels that the man's actions were intentional and said the man had noticed him even before the near-collision.

He told Stomp: "I felt like he had timed his actions properly.

"In the video, you can see him at a corner, looking at me approaching, and then running towards my car from the right side."

The man can also be seen reaching for a car that was parked illegally on double yellow lines by the side of the road.

"He had also been parking illegally. I know that's his car as I saw him opening the car door," added the Stomper.