Man concerned over errant drivers and noise amidst jam at Upper Serangoon Crescent

Submitted by Stomper Stan

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Stomper Stan is worried about the hectic traffic conditions along Upper Serangoon Crescent with the opening of a showroom across the road from his condominium.

Stan who stays at Reversals Condo, located at 2 Upper Serangoon Crescent, told Stomp that there was a persistent jam on Saturday afternoon (June 23) that lasted into the evening.

He said that he believed the increased traffic was due to visitors flocking down to the showroom for a new upcoming condominium.

Stan noted that many drivers on the left lane engaged in lane splitting.

Some drivers even cut into the right lane, towards oncoming traffic from the opposite direction.

Said Stan: "This is dangerous. Moreover, the drivers kept sounding their horns so it was so noisy.

"I think some residents from the Housing and Development Board (HDB) block opposite also have trouble exiting the multi-storey carpark with the jam.

"Showrooms like this remain open for months or even years. I don't know if these problems will persist."