Man complains about catering company in Google review, 'owner' replies: 'Then still order for what?'

Submitted by Stomper SH

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Surprise! People are not always who they seem online.

That is why many keep getting scammed every day. But a scam is not always involved when someone pretends to be somebody else.

Take the case of Stomper SH, who posted a one-star Google review about a catering company, and the review received an unexpected reply from the "owner".

The Stomper wrote in his Dec 20 review of On & On Diners that it was the second time he ordered from the company which was "forever late".

He said that he tried contacting the company to no avail.

"I had to order other food and pizza for my guests," SH wrote in the review.

"The food was delivered half an hour late and they didn't call when they delivered, just simply dumped the food on the floor.

"Not to mention the food quantity is miserable and pathetically little. The prices had gone up quite a bit too and with the steep transport cost."

After the Stomper posted the review, someone replied below the review: "Then still order for what?"

The reply was attributed to "On & On Diners Pte Ltd (owner)".

Sharing a screenshot of his review and the response from the "owner", SH told Stomp: "Arrogant reply by the owner of On & On Diners. We wanted to order from them until we saw this."

In response to a Stomp query, an On & On Diners spokesman said she was shocked to find out about the reply to the review.

She told Stomp: "Thank you so much for highlighting these reviews to us as we were not aware of these comments being replied to.

"I have just checked on our Gmail for On & On Diners and there were suspicious activities accordingly."

Sharing screenshots of the security alerts from Google, the spokesman said: "We really do apologise for such a bad reputation comment.

"We have subsequently secured the account with two-way verification as well as changed all passwords. We have checked company-wide and none of the marketing team knew about the existence of this comment. Hence, it is definitely not by one of our people internally."

The implication is that the company's Google account was hacked, possibly by someone in Malaysia as one of the screenshots shows suspicious activity in the account from Johor.

Regarding the Stomper's review, she said: "Apart from that, we always take our customer service and food quality as our utmost priorities. We really do apologise for the inconvenience caused to the customer that we were slightly late for his delivery due to an unpredicted weather forecast and traffic incident."

The spokesman added that the reply to the review by the "owner" would be removed.

"We really do apologise for the massive miscommunication and that is definitely not the image that we are looking to push out."

On & On Diners currently has an average of 3.5 stars from 100 Google reviews.