Man claiming to be from police HQ asks woman for personal details to collect "important document"

Submitted by Stomper Jojo

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Stomper Jojo was on alert when she received a suspicious call today (Oct 1) from a man claiming to be from a police station.

According to Jojo, this is not the first time she has received such calls but this is the first time she managed to call back and record the conversation.

She shared the conversation with Stomp.

Over the phone, the man on the line tells her that he is from the police station then asks her if she can speak Chinese.

She asks the man again where he is calling from and he says that he is from police headquarters and proceeds to ask her if she needs help with anything.

She replies,

"You are the one who called me leh, I didn't call you."

"You mean you had received a call from our police headquarters?" the man asks. "May I know what they informed you?"

She told them that she was told she had an important document to receive.

The man then offered to help her check on the document and asked for her name.

Suspicious, Jojo asked which police headquarters the man was calling from.

"This is Novena police station, Chinese department," the man said.

He added that someone else was the one who had called her earlier to inform her that she had an important document

Jojo then told the man her name.

The man kept insisting that they received a call from the Stomper to which she replied that they called her first.

The man then said: "In that case, if you don't know what document it is, give me your details and I help you to verify what it is, ok?

When she asked what details he needed, he replied:

"Your name, your IC number and birthday. Then I can help you open the document, understand?

Jojo then asked if he could transfer the call to the English department. He said that it was the Chinese department and when she asked to be transferred again, he said, "Okay" and hung up.

Listen to the conversation, which is mostly in Mandarin, in the video below.