Man caught on camera taking cash card from IU of parked motorcycle in Queenstown carpark

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How long has he been doing this?

A man was caught on camera taking a cash card from the in-vehicle unit (IU) of a parked motorcycle in a Queenstown multi-storey carpark.

Posted by SG Road Vigilante, the bike cam video was purportedly taken at Block 53A Strathmore Avenue on Monday (May 29) at 7am.

It shows a white-haired man walking towards a parked motorcycle and looking at the bike's IU. He then opened the IU, took out the cash card and closed the IU.

One netizen commented: "Leaving the cash card unattended is the same as leaving your wallet. I have learned this lesson a few times, so whenever before I dismount my bike I will always take out my cash card first."

Others joked that the "uncle" was helping to top up the cash card.

Another posted in the comments a video showing the same man in the same carpark taken the next day at 6.48am.

This time, he went from motorcycle to motorcycle, seemingly checking the IU of the bikes.

There is also an earlier video posted on May 24 showing more of the same.

Stomp has contacted the police for more info.