Man breaks kneecap and 'suffers great pain' after fall along slippery HDB corridor in Geylang

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Feb 27, 2023

When he slipped and fell along the common corridor at Block 1 Pine Close on Feb 3, Low Boon Chuen was “unable to stand or sit”.

He was taken to the hospital, where doctors performed surgery to repair his kneecap, which had "broken into pieces". 

That wasn't the end of his suffering, however, as Low’s surgery, medical appointments and physiotherapy sessions have since cost him thousands of dollars.

Hoping that others won't slip and fall like he did, Low contacted the Marine Parade Town Council, Housing Development Board and his Member of Parliament on two occasions – Feb 4 and Feb 19 – but initially received no response. 

He shared more about his experience in a Facebook post on Feb 24, highlighting his frustrations in trying to get a response from the authorities. 

"I have suffered great pain and likely, this injury will affect me for a very long time," Low wrote, adding that he has been given hospitalisation leave till April 4. 

He speculates that the floor was slippery because it was coated with epoxy paint, making it "even more slippery" during rainy days.

In an update to his Facebook post, Low said he received a reply from the town council on Feb 24, informing him that they were reviewing feasible options to improve the flooring, and that works are expected to be carried out within the next two months.

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