Man brazenly unlocks car parked in KSL shopping mall and allegedly steals cash

Submitted by Stomper Kenzo

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A man was caught on camera unlocking the boot of a car that was parked in KSL shopping mall in Johor Bahru.

Stomper Kenzo alerted us to a Facebook post by Ray Tan on Feb 6, which laid out details of the incident.

Ray said that the man had stolen some cash as well as a touch-and-go card from his vehicle.

He also clarified that the incident actually took place on Feb 5 around 5pm and that the timestamp on the video is incorrect.

Car camera footage attached shows a man in a red shirt unlocking the boot of the car effortlessly.

He was then seen closing the boot of the car before walking off.

"Today drove a replacement Toyota Wish to KSL for CNY goodies. Parked at lvl 3 carpark & this happened," said Ray.

Ray warned, "Those who are driving older car with the normal key, be careful. This f***er likely opens it with a master key which the key makers are using."

Some Facebook users said that he was "lucky" that the man did not steal more than just his cash and touch-and-go card.

Facebook user Benyamin also said that a similar incident had happened to his brother twice. His brother has since learnt not to leave any valuables lying around in the car.

"Please help share around to disclose this f***er to prevent any next victim," Ray appealed.