Man assaulted Marsiling Rise resident who testified against his drug trafficker brother

A 54-year-old man will be charged in court on July 26 for voluntarily causing hurt and public nuisance, after he was arrested on July 24.

The police received a report on July 20 that the windows of a residential unit along Marsiling Rise were damaged.

Through ground enquiries and the help of images from CCTV and police cameras, the man was identified and arrested by officers from Jurong Police Division on July 24 along Woodlands Street 83. 

Investigations further revealed that the man had also assaulted the owner of the same residential unit along Marsiling Drive on July 18.

The man was apparently unhappy with the owner of the Marsiling Rise unit, who was a prosecution witness against his brother. The said brother was a drug trafficker who was convicted and sentenced to death on May 10, 2016.

The police also added in a statement that they take a serious view against those who take the law into their own hands, and will not hesitate to take action against them.