Man applauded for helping 4 police officers hold down drunk man who caused trouble at coffeeshop

A man was applauded for helping four police officers hold down a drunk man who had caused trouble at a coffeeshop along Woodlands Drive 50 at about 10pm on Saturday (Sep 7).

Two police officers were trying to restrain the drunk man as the latter attempts to resist. As the drunk man lumbers around, two more police officers arrive to render assistance.

This is when a man in a black top can be seen helping to bring the drunk man down to the ground.

Thereafter, a police officer pats him on the back twice and applause can be heard as he gets up.

The New Paper reported that this unknown man was one of the patrons at the coffeeshop. 

According to Shin Min Daily News, the drunk man was drinking for about five hours at the coffeeshop that night.

44-year-old driver Mr Wu told Shin Min that the drunk man stood up at about 9pm to propose a toast but patrons at the coffeeshop ignored him.

Mr Wu said that the drunk man got frustrated, smashed glass mugs and bottles and kicked the chairs around him. The coffeeshop staff personnell called the police, who then tried to get the man to calm down. 

"The police told him to stay still, but he refused to listen and kept walking away from them saying he wanted to go to the toilet," said Mr Wu.