Man appealing to person who allegedly took his iPad Mini 3 at Ikea Alexandra to return it: "I won't press charges"

Submitted by Stomper Shyam

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Stomper Shyam was at Ikea Alexandra on Feb 4 at around 7.30pm with his family when his seven-year-old son left his iPad Mini 3 Gold Edition on a bed at the second floor of the furniture store.

Fifteen minutes later, Shyam realised that the iPad was not with his son anymore so they went back to the bedroom department to look for it.

When the reached, they found the iPad cover but not the iPad.

Shyam told Stomp that the person's face was captured on CCTV and has since made a police report.

"The iPad is blocked and reported to Apple Centre as stolen.

"The stolen message will appear with my mobile number when the iPad is switched on."

The Stomper hopes that whoever took the iPad will return it as it contains important information and files.

"I will not press charges against the person who took it if he returns it to me," he said.

If you are holding on to the iPad or know where it is, kindly email Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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