Man appealing for witnesses after being involved in accident with truck at Sembawang Rd

Submitted by Stomper CK

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Stomper CK is appealing for video recordings of an incident that happened at 8:30am last Friday (Jun 1) along Sembawang Road towards Gambas Avenue.

The accident involved his blue Subaru Forester and a Mitsubishi truck.

In photos shared by CK, the left side of his car was mangled at the part above the wheel.

CK said that the truck driver "seems to be singing a different tune" from what really happened.

CK said:

"He said my car banged the back of his truck when I was actually next to him.

"He also said he had signalled to filter to the right and did it when it was safe but he did not actually check his blind spot and ended up hitting my car.

"Anyone who witnessed the accident or has video footage of it, please contact me.

"A video would prove everything. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks."

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