Man appalled to find intrusion of cockroaches at Compassvale Link staircase landing

Submitted by Stomper Marcus

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A man was horrified when he spotted an intrusion of cockroaches at the staircase landing of Block 275D Compassvale Link.

Stomper Marcus, who is a resident in the area, told Stomp that he saw the pests on Oct 30 at 10.41pm and was curious as to why there were so many cockroaches there.

"I'm not sure why there's suddenly so many cockroaches at the staircase landing," Marcus said.

"Could it be because the stairs are near the coffee shop that's just around the corner? Maybe these pests decided to nest themselves close to food establishments.

"I hope there isn't any improper food disposal going on that is causing this problem."

Marcus added that the stairway is frequently used by residents and that he has never seen so many cockroaches in the area before.

He also shared the location of the stairway accompanied with a photo of the coffee shop nearby.

"I'm worried about this issue, and I hope that something can be done to clear these cockroaches soon," said Marcus.

Stomp has contacted Sengkang Town Council for more information.