Man and woman argue in middle of road in Yishun: 'Inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour'

Submitted by Stomper Han

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Yishun again.

A man and a woman were seen arguing in the middle of Yishun Avenue 5 on Sunday (Aug 21) at 10am.

Sharing photos of the incident, Stomper Han said it happened near a bus stop in front of Block 145 Yishun Street 11.

"The young couple quarrelled in the middle of the road for more than five minutes," said the Stomper.

The photos show the woman sitting cross-legged with her back to the camera while the man stood beside her, looking at his phone.

A bus coming from the bus stop had to go to another lane to avoid hitting the two.

"It was inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour," said the Stomper.

Imagine how the bus driver must have felt.