Man allegedly spits in grass patch near mum and 3 kids, asks 'What Covid? Where got Covid?'

Submitted by Stomper Jo

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A man allegedly spat in the grass patch near a woman and her three children outside Alexandra Village Food Centre on Saturday (July 16).

Stomper Jo said the incident happened around 4.30pm.

She recounted: "While waiting for my husband to fetch us, my three children and I were appalled to see a man walking towards us and spat at a grass patch next to us.

"I told him what he did was wrong and uncivilised, and all the more he shouldn’t do this during this Covid period. I suggested he spit in a tissue paper.

"He got aggressive and asked 'What Covid? Where got Covid' and stood very near me.

"I decided to whip out my mobile phone to record him (as well as to deter potential attacks from him) and that was when he decided to quickly walk away.

"Now that Covid cases are high, people shouldn’t behave irresponsibly like this man. I hope people who know him can educate him."

In the video, the Stomper said that the man claimed that he did not see them.

Under Singapore's Environmental Public Health (Public Cleansing) Regulations, spitting in public places is not allowed. The fine for a first-time offender is $1,000.

Singapore reported 6,227 new Covid-19 cases on Monday (July 18).