Man allegedly scratches car that was parked near his home at St Anne's Wood

Submitted by Stomper Janice

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Stomper Janice received a nasty surprise when she came back to her car and found it scratched in a housing estate at Sengkang on Aug 22.

Janice had parked her car along St Anne's Wood between 5.20pm to 6.30pm after visiting someone who lived there.

"It was a legit lot meant for public parking," said Janice.

"There were no bins when I parked but when I went back to my car, it was sandwiched between two bins, making it difficult for me to drive out."

It was only when she reviewed her car's camera footage that she saw a man, whom she believed to be a resident, exit his home and approach her car.

"Do take note that the date shows 2015 as my car battery was just recently flat and I didn't have the chance to set it right before this happened," she said.

"Turn up the volume to hear the disgusting scratching sounds he made on the side doors as he walked around my car to enter his house again.

"Prior to this, his wife had placed a note on my windscreen.

"After this guy scratched my car, he removed the note and went back into his house.

"Does that road belong to him?"

Janice told Stomp he has since made a police report regarding the incident.