Man allegedly chases, pushes cyclist who rang bell at him on footpath in Potong Pasir

Submitted by Stomper Edward

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A cyclist alleged that a pedestrian chased him down and pushed him after he rang the bike bell to tell the pedestrian to give way on a footpath in Potong Pasir.

Stomper Edward, who was the cyclist, said it happened on May 4 at 8.15pm and shared photos of the pedestrian.

"I was cycling along the pavement outside Sant Ritz condo near the Potong Pasir MRT on an Anywheel bicycle," he recounted.

Anywheel is a local bike-sharing company founded in 2017

"There was a man in a black shirt obstructing my path and I rang the cycling bell twice to alert him," continued the Stomper.

"He turned back and stared at me aggressively. I stared back.

"I didn't see a need for him to stare at someone like that. I didn't ring the bell violently or shout at him. I gently rang the bell to alert him of my presence.

"I cycled away from him, but then he ran towards me and pushed me from the back with excessive force. I almost lost my balance and fell off the bike.

"As I felt I was in danger and this was turning unnecessarily violent, I cycled away to protect myself, but then he pursued me again and charged towards me aggressively.

"This time I got off the bike and stood up to him. I explained to him that this bike is not allowed on the road and the pavement is a shared space. I rang the bell to tell him to give way. He had no legal right to push me violently. I almost lost control of my bike and got injured, but thanks to my decent build, I was able to control myself.

"I then took out my phone to take a picture of him and left the scene telling him that I will make sure I make a police report. He replied 'F*** you' to me.

"I find this guy's behavior completely unacceptable. No one has the right to push someone like that, especially when they are in a vulnerable position, seated on a bicycle."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

According to the Land Transport Authority, bicycles are allowed on footpaths.

"Singapore is promoting a greener form of transportation and young guys like me are contributing to the cause," said the Stomper.

"We don't have big money to drive to work in fancy cars. The pavement is a shared space and I don't see why people can't just move aside when there is a bicycle coming. If the space is tight, then it's fine.

"But in this situation, I was not assertive and there was ample space. I was attacked unnecessarily."