Man, 85, has been sweeping pavements and clearing drains of his own free will for 12 years

Submitted by Stomper Laurence

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Every morning, for the last 12 years, Uncle Mah has been sweeping the pavement and clearing the drains along Eunos Avenue 7.

Stomper Laurence told Stomp about his close relationship with the 85-year-old man on Nov 9.

Laurence works as a complex manager at Richfield Industrial Centre, which is located along the avenue, and sees Uncle Mah every morning.

The Stomper believes that Uncle Mah deserves to be recognised for his community-minded acts.

According to Laurence, Uncle Mah is the owner of a glass factory and is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

Laurence said: "Uncle Mah is a sprightly old man and I think that more people deserve to know about him. He has been cleaning and sweeping for 12 years without wanting any recognition."