Man, 73, arrested after taking knife from coffee shop stall during dispute with ex-friend

Submitted by Stomper Peter

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A 73-year-old man brandished a knife during a dispute with a couple at a coffee shop on Friday afternoon (May 26).

He was subsequently arrested for criminal intimidation, said the police, who were alerted to the dispute at Block 34 Upper Cross Street at 3.07pm.

Stomper Peter shared a photo showing police officers at the scene at around 3.50pm.

A noodle stall assistant at the coffee shop said she had been busy working when she heard a commotion. She looked up to see the elderly man shouting at a man and a woman who were dining in the outdoor area of the coffee shop.

She told Shin Min Daily News: "The two men were hurling vulgarities at each other. They were very agitated and looked like they were about to fight."

A worker at a duck rice stall said both parties were arguing when the elderly man entered her stall and took a knife, giving her a shock.

She added: "Neither the other employees nor I recognise the elderly man. We only know that he occasionally comes to drink coffee."

The worker said that she wanted to stop the elderly man, but did not dare to do so as he was holding a knife. Other diners also tried telling the man not to be impulsive, while a female cleaner went forward to stop him.

The cleaner, 63-year-old Ms Hong Ai Ling, had asked the man why he was holding a knife. She recounted: "I told him that I would call the police if he did not put down the knife."

Dissuaded, the elderly man returned to his seat to continue drinking coffee. However, he soon got into a quarrel with the other man again. Both parties left before the police arrived.

The two men used to be friends, but fell out and became strangers, reported Shin Min.

No injuries were reported and investigations are ongoing, the police told Stomp in response to queries.