Man, 27, arrested after allegedly choking woman and hitting her with his car at Clarke Quay carpark

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

A 27-year-old man was arrested after allegedly choking a woman and hitting her with his car at a multi-storey carpark in Clarke Quay on Mar 23.

The police told Stomp they received a call for assistance at the multi-storey carpark at 3E River Valley Road at about 3.15am.

A 31-year-old woman was conscious when taken to hospital, a police spokesman said.

The man was arrested for rash act causing hurt.

The victim reached out to Stomp and shared photos of her injuries including a deep gash on her forehead and bruises and scrapes on her arms and legs.

She said the whole ordeal started outside of Zouk Singapore.

"He was very drunk," she said.

"He pulled my hair and dragged me on the ground and then slammed me on the ground and hit my head.

"When I got up, he choke slammed me and the back of my head hit the ground.

"He then choked me until I almost suffocated and was passing out.

"He did it with no intention to release and I had to scratch (him) out of self-defence.

"He then whacked me in the face.

"When I tried to stop his car to call the police, he went full throttle and sent me flying and hitting the ground.

"I rolled from the impact and suffered full-body injuries with my head being the most serious because when I tried to get up I felt blood dripping everywhere.

"He just sped off in his car."

She added that her left ribcage was injured and that she cannot open her left eye fully, causing her vision to be affected.

The victim told Stomp that the man was a friend of a friend who became a 'bro' and that she is sharing what happened to her to 'get justice' 

She is also intending to get a restraining order against the man.

"I can't sleep, I can't eat, every noise I hear I am paranoid," she said.

"I don't even dare to step out of my house to throw away my garbage bags and told my security and concierge to tighten security."

"The scene keeps repeating in my mind and all the bad dreams, cold sweats and lack of appetite are making me very miserable now."

Police investigations are ongoing.