Malaysian uncle headlocks and punches supermarket employee over parking dispute

Two Malaysian elderly men beat up a supermarket employee after being asked to move their vehicle as it was blocking traffic.

The incident happened on Jun 6, at around 4.34pm, in a Ramadan bazaar at Sabah, Malaysia, reports Coconuts KL, and a video of the incident has since gone viral. 

In the video shared by Media CBS's Facebook page, the elderly man could be seen grabbing the employee in a headlock and punching the victim, as a hapless coworker watched on. 

The victim retaliates after realising that he was being assaulted.

Thankfully, the fight was halted when a police officer and several employees pulled the men apart.

The incident reportedly stemmed from the employee asking the elderly men to move his car as it was blocking traffic at a Ramadan bazaar.

Although the man complied, he later approached the employee with a friend to ‘teach the employee a lesson’.

It is reported that the police are looking for the two elderly suspects.