Malaysian taxi driver charges tourists eye-watering $305 for 10km trip

Two Bangladeshi tourists had a rude awakening when a Malaysian cabby charged them an eye-watering RM950 ($305) for a 10km trip,  from KL Sentral to Setapak.

The incident happened last Saturday (Sept 30) and the two tourists had just arrived on a bus from Kuala Terengganu, reports New Straits Times

The unscrupulous taxi driver initially offered them rates of RM50 ($16) a person for the trip.

They agreed. 

However, when they reached their destination, the driver asked them to pay RM950 instead. 

A Police source said:

“The two initially argued but eventually gave in as they were frightened they would be harmed.

“The taxi driver had a wooden stick and metal bat in his car.”

After paying the driver, the two alighted the cab and went to the Salak Selatan Police Station to lodge a report. 

The incident was also reported to the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) which managed to track down the driver and detain him in a special operation on Thursday (Oct 5). 

The taxi was also seized to facilitate investigations.