Malaysian student using crumbling laptop goes viral, gets brand new machine from Acer

Photos of a Malaysian university student using a battered laptop to do his assignment went viral and caught the attention of hardware company Acer, landing him a spanking new machine. 

In the photos, the student, Yeop, could be seen using a computer which was in such an appalling condition, its screen had to be taped onto a piece cardboard.

The entire chassis of the laptop also appeared to have fallen off, exposing the internal components and rendering the keyboard unusable. 

Yeop’s friend, Herman, shared the photos on Twitter which quickly went viral and caught the attention of Acer, reports World of Buzz.

The company reached out to Yeop and rewarded him a brand new Acer Nitro 5 laptop. 

Some netizens were ‘inspired’ by the news, saying perhaps this was the fastest and surest way to get a new laptop.

Said one netizen:

“I’m gonna start posting pictures on Twitter, there’s no point praying at a temple or waiting for Santa anymore.”