Malaysian retiree looking for S'porean friend whom he met at Nippon Paint factory in 1969

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Update on July 20:

Reunited: Nippon Paint ex-colleagues catch up for first time in 52 years thanks to Stomp report

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An elderly man is hoping to reconnect with an old friend whom he met at a Nippon Paint factory in Queenstown in 1969.

The man, Mr Chen Ninghan (陳寧漢), is currently a retiree in his 70s. He was 19 years old when he came from Malaysia to Singapore for work and met Mr Hong Risheng (洪日昇), a Singaporean who lived in Clementi.

Mr Hong (left) with Mr Chen

The two men worked at a Nippon Paint factory in Queenstown during the period of 1969 to 1970, said Mr Chen's daughter, Stomper Jessica.

However, they lost touch in 1977.

Jessica hopes to help her dad look for his long-lost friend after reading about a successful reunion thanks to Stomp earlier this month.

Do you know Mr Hong Risheng?

Jessica said: "My dad's nickname is Ah Chin. He has been asking me to help him locate his long-lost friend.

"When he was 19, my dad came to Singapore to work and met this friend. He also used to travel to England so whenever he had a stopover in Singapore, the two of them would catch up.

"Unfortunately, they lost contact in 1977 when my dad went back to Malaysia and stopped travelling overseas as he was busy with his family after having children.

"My dad shared with me that this friend has been really helpful and caring during his stay in Singapore. Now that he is in his 70s and already retired, he really hopes to reconnect with his old friend and thank him."

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