Malaysian man shares heartwarming story of helping two strangers, finds out he's been scammed

A Malaysian man recently wrote on his Facebook page how he had told his girlfriend about helping a man and his wheelchair-bound companion only to find out from her that the two were notorious conmen and he had been scammed.

According to Facebook user Ken Wom, he had came across the couple as he was driving home on the night of Jun 22.

Taken aback by the man pushing a wheelchair in the middle of the road, Ken slammed on his brakes and stopped his vehicle. 

He quickly alighted his car to help the two pick up items which had fallen on the road. 

The man then told Ken that his wife had both feet amputated, while he himself had a stomach operation.

He also reportedly told Ken that he hadn’t bathed in five days, requesting for Ken to book him an Uber ride.

What’s more atrocious, he asked Ken for money to stay in a hotel, and even demanded to stay in Horizon Hotel, a four-star establishment.

Sensing something amiss, Ken did not give in, but the man continued holding onto his hand and begged him.

At the end of his ropes, Ken slipped him a RM50 (S$16) note and booked an Uber ride for him, before leaving.

When he reached home and told his girlfriend about his bizarre encounter, she laughed at him instead, saying that he had been conned.

She told him that the two were conmen notorious throughout Sabah, Malaysia. 

Said Ken: "I only got myself to blame for not reading the newspapers."

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