Malaysian man's fiancée demands only the best for wedding -- but refuses to share costs: Your thoughts?

While weddings are joyous occasions, planning for one can be time consuming, not to mention expensive.

A Malaysian man, Sam, recently took to Facebook to complain about the extravagant demands of his fiancee, reports World of Buzz.

Sam wrote:

“Next month I’m going to officially ask for her hand in marriage from her parents. 

“We agreed that our wedding would be a simple one but now she wants everything to be the best. 

“She wants a videographer, the best makeup artist, a honeymoon vacation and everything to be the absolute best. 

“Other requests include a dowry of RM10,000 (S$3225), ten banquet tables, payment for all lodgings for outstation relatives and a videographer for the actual wedding day. 

“I only want a photographer but she insists on having a videographer. 

“Should I cancel the wedding? 

“It is already over my budget and I can’t afford it. 

“Or should I continue with the wedding and just swipe my credit card? 

“I’ve already discussed with her and she is not willing to share the expenses with me. 

“What should I do? Are these normal requests nowadays for girls?”

Sam also revealed that his fiancée had chosen the most expensive makeup artist, costing RM1,288 (S$415) over a cheaper one who offered her services at RM900 (S$290). 

When advised by netizens to discuss about the financial burdens with his fiancée, Sam replied:

“I have tried doing so, but every time we talk about money, it ends in an argument.

“If I were to marry her like that, I would become bankrupt immediately.”

The issue has divided many netizens with some telling him to cancel the wedding and reconsider his options.

Said one Facebook user:

“What’s the point of getting married and becoming heavily in debt?

“She doesn’t know how to think on your behalf. 

“Maybe you shouldn’t marry her at all.”

However others said that Sam was just fussing about the trivial. 

One netizen said:

“Marriage is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime affair, so it is natural that she wants to make it as memorable as possible. 

“These are actually normal requests.”

What are your thoughts on this?