Malaysian ex-GrabCar driver humiliates Chinese tourists in viral video

A video of a Malaysian GrabCar driver openly humiliating two Chinese tourist has gone viral. 

In the one-minute-long video uploaded onto Youtube, the cocky driver kept cursing at the two in Malay, poking fun at their attire and demeanour.

What’s worse, he did it in their faces and even got the the two to participate, reports World of Buzz

The tourists could not understand him, simply smiling politely and waving while being unknowingly insulted in their faces.

In the video, the bigot said:

“Today I’ve got two passengers who are tourists from China.”

He then turned to the two and asked:

““China? Which part of China? Shanghai?”

The couple responded:

“Liao Ning, from northeast of the county.”

The driver did not comprehend their answer and proceeded to make fun of their accent and pronunciation. 

He even asked them to say ‘hi’ to the camera and added:

“These two idiots wearing striped shirts look like zebras, I just feel like punching them in the heads. 

“It’s so much fun getting passengers from China.”

He continued:

“Five years celebrating Grab, we have some stupid passengers from China like them.”

After the video was uploaded, many Malaysian stood up for the two tourists, slamming the driver for his ignorant and disgusting behaviour.

One Facebook user wrote:

“He thinks he’s making fun of the passengers. But the truth is, he’s only making himself look bad.”

Another netizen wrote:

“Soon he will be asking for forgiveness from Malaysians, saying he’s not mentally sound. 

“Now that the whole Malaysia has seen his ugly personality, he should not go back to his hometown to avoid bringing embarrassment to his family.”

Another Youtube user said:

"You show respect you gain respect you silly little prick."

It is understood that the driver has since been terminated by Grab Malaysia, which further clarify that the company does not endorse such behaviour.