Malaysian 'Final Fantasy character' flaunts K-pop contract, ex-friend posts photos of his 'real' looks

The man who spent S$57,000 on plastic surgery to look like a Final Fantasy character has drawn flak from netizens again after flaunting an alleged K-pop contract on his Facebook page. 

Amirul Rizwan, more commonly known as Miyyo Rizone, reportedly rose to fame after photos of him went viral on social media. 

He recently shared on Facebook that he received an offer to join a K-pop company, reports World of Buzz

He also revealed that his interviewers were blown away by his performance:

“I was singing Adele’s ‘A Million Years’ in my audition. 

“They were amazed by my singing and loved my face.”

However, he also added that he hasn't taken up the offer yet:

“I really need to think about it, because I’ll be so far away from my family. 

“Plus, to be a K-pop artist requires much discipline and commitment.”

His post however, drew flak from many netizens, who condemned him for his ‘unnatural’ looks. 

One netizen, Bella Barbie, who claimed to be a previous friend of Miyyo, even alleged that the entire Miyyo persona was fabricated. 

In her Facebook post which has since gone viral, she wrote:

“His real name is Muhammad Syahrizal Ikhwan Bin Musa and not Amirul Rizwan, as he had admitted during an interview with a local radio station.

“As we all know, Miyyo refuses to do live interviews with any media outlet because his online appearance and his actual appearance are very different.

“Miyyo uses Camera360 and a Beauty Plus app to make his face look like an anime character.

 “I just wanted to expose this lie to correct people’s perspectives.”

To prove that his looks were genuine, Miyyo posted a video of himself on Facebook, while Bella has since removed her post. 

There has also been no response from Bella regarding the video.