Malaysian conman 'faints' in public to solicit food and money

A Malaysian man in his early twenties has been exposed on social media for pretending to faint at various place venues to solicit money and food from kind passers-by. 

After ‘fainting’ each time, the man would then wake up and pretended that he could not recall his name or the address of his home.

However, his scheme ultimately backfired when some kind passers-by decided to share a post of the incident on Facebook, asking the public to help in locating the man’s family members, reports The Coverage

One of the wrote:

“Whose family member is this?

“I found him unconscious ay BHP Petrol Station in Kepong.

“It happened at 10.30pm on Dec 1, 2016. 

“He claims to be from Tanjung Malim and had no forms of identification or cash on him.”

The post became widely shared and some people soon realised that it was a scam all along. 

A victim from the past said:

“Wow, he’s still fainting, even now.

“Last year, he fainted three times in front of me while I was buying a burger. 

“Looks like he now has a deeper understanding on the art of fainting.

“Keep it up.”

Another netizen revealed the conman’s modus operandi:

“He is a habitual conman. He’d act like he fainted at first. 

“Then he’d  forget his name after waking up, and he will never bring along his Identity Card. 

“After you’ve gotten food for him, he’d suddenly remember his name and where he lives. 

“Then he’ll ask for RM20 to take a cab home. 

“But you can be sure to see him at a cyber cafe nearby after you give him the money.”