Malaysian bus driver rescues female passenger from alleged molester

A Malaysian bus driver heroically leapt to a female passenger’s rescue from an alleged molester.

The incident happened on an express bus travelling from Kajang to Jerteh, in the Malaysian state of Terengganu. 

The victim, a lady in her 20’s, was reportedly seated on the upper deck of the bus during the incident, and only she and her alleged molester were present, reports World of Buzz

The bus driver heard the girl’s scream at around 8.30am, and rushed up.

He saw the suspect reaching for the girl, and managed to subdue the man with the help from another male passenger who arrived shortly after he did.

The two then took the suspect to the Putrajaya Police Station and filed a report. 

The incident has been acknowledged by the bus company, and a video of the suspect attempting to get away was uploaded onto Facebook user Zam Zuri's page.