Maid stands on tall ladder to paint outside of home

Videos of a foreign domestic worker (FDW) painting the exterior of her employer's home without any safety precautions has sparked concern among netizens.

Facebook user Catherine Plagne-Ismail posted the videos on Thursday (Nov 1) in a group where members discuss working conditions of FDWs.

In her post, she asked: "Is painting the outside of a house a domestic duty of [an] FDW?"

It is unclear when or where this incident happened.

In one of the videos, the woman is seen standing precariously on the rungs of a ladder propped up outside the second floor of the house.

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She then holds on to an awning above her with one hand as she paints with a brush using the other.

In another video, she is seen squatting on a ledge outside the third storey of the house.

In the comments, people were shocked that the helper's employer would ask her to do that.

Other FDWs commented that embarking on risky jobs like this is not part of their job.

Stomp understands that the Ministry of Manpower has investigated this incident.